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Sigh. I lost a bunch of entries because my database got corrupted, and I didn’t have a recent backup :(. I had a few posts about training for a half marathon that are now gone. Oh well…picking up and moving on.

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The Jiggles are back!

After powering through several months of dieting and exercise, Mushi and I finally gave up on the original Jiggles when we both plateaued for several weeks (maybe months).

Well, we’re back. We’ve got a slightly different crew here, but everyone here is committed to becoming healthier, either through better eating or exercising or both. At some point, I may import in the entries from our old blog, but for now we’ll start fresh.

So, welcome to the new Jiggles site. Feel free to leave comments and start discussions, especially those that will help us (or you) to reach your goal of healthier living.

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