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Letter to my 2011 self, from 2012

The Monday Project

Over at the Sisterhood, they’ve turned the Monthy Project back to weekly for January. First up? A letter to my 2011 self written from my 2012 self. (Actually first up is to review our letters from last year, but I was still kind of on the sidelines January last month, so I don’t have a letter. My letter would have woefully underestimated what I would accomplish last year – by January the idea of doing a half-century, and all the training involved, was not something I thought about.)

So here goes:

Dear 2011 Barb:

You have no idea what this year has in store for you, and I remember that you’re a little scared about the whole thing, but believe me, it’s wonderful.

This was the year that you finally figured out how to incorporate exercise into your life. Sure, you started that in 2010 with the half-century training, but this year you not only made but exceeded your goal of exercising 3x30min each week – most of the time you did it more!

And biking? Wow! You and Andrew trained for a second half century, and you totally did it last summer, and you knocked time off of your first one. You also gained more confidence to join several organized rides – you did the WABA ride around DC again, but also tried a couple new ones, even a 40-mile ride out in Maryland! Oh, and that Backroads Century 30-miler you did in 2010? You did that again. You still walked part of it, but that’s okay, because you know what? You tackled one of those big-ass hills!

The idea of doing a century ride? Not quite as far-fetched these days…maybe in a couple years. After a little more speed training. I can see it happening.

You started to figure out eating better, too. Maybe not 100% of the time, but some healthier habits have definitely taken hold. You’ve curbed the emotional eating – or at least made better choices when you did give in to the emotions. (Except for the horrible M&M incident in August, which we shall not mention again.) Oh, you had some bad eating from time-to-time, like at your 40th birthday party in Vegas, but they were one-time deals, and not the start of a downward spiral.

Oh, and you totally tried on your wedding dress for your 7th anniversary in September. You know what? It was too big!!! Way to good, girl!

It’s not always easy, but I promise you that you’ll get through it all, and you’ll be a better person for it all.

2012 Barb

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Monday Project: Project Me

The Monday Project

Okay, this is my first Monday Project, so I’m going to start at the beginning of the projects and try to catch up (though this might take a few weeks!!). The first project was Project “Me” – a chance to look at what’s worked/not worked in the past, goals for moving forward and reflecting on both of these.

I’m not sure how much to write here, but I have been thinking about these questions throughout the week.

One of my big issues has always been exercise. I *know* that my weight-loss and goals of getting healthier only work well when I work exercise into my life. In fact, they go best when I have some form of weight or resistance training. Fitting into my schedule has always been the problem. Last year I tried getting up before work to do a 20-30 minute workout – this entailed setting the alarm for 5AM and getting up at the first alarm (no snoozing). I managed to do this for nearly 6 months…but it was a fight every.single.time. I figured it would get easier over time, but it was a constant fight. It also meant that I had to start getting to bed no later than 9PM – in bed, lights out ideally by 9:30, no later than 10PM. I ended up basically quitting exercise as of October/November last year. I just couldn’t face 5AM.

So, I’ve gone back to exercising in the evenings, after work. When I get home, I change into my exercise clothes, and head downstairs. One of the reasons I got away from evening exercise was that my husband now works later. When he got home relatively early, I would go exercise when I got home, he would start cooking dinner when he got home, and usually dinner would be ready about the time I was done showering. Now with him getting home later, I feel like I need to get dinner going, so we’re not eating at 7 or 8 PM. However, he’s making an effort to get home a little earlier, and he wants to support my efforts to exercise, so we’re making it work. And its a lot easier than getting up early.

Another thing about exercise – I’m a biker, and I do much better biking when I have a clear goal for that season’s biking. I push harder when I have a goal I’m working toward. SO, my husband and I have decided to train for a half-century ride this year. It’s a little scary, since we’ve only ever done a 30-mile ride twice (maybe 3-times), and when we did, it took everything out of us for that weekend. On the other hand, it means that we’re going to push this biking season; and we’re setting up a training schedule, and with both of us on board, we’ll be pushing each other (prodding when necessary!).

Eating-wise…that’s a bit harder. I’m still figuring out what works there, though I seem to do best when I’m not on a formal plan – instead, I just need to be constantly aware of what I’m eating and why. I’m a little embarrassed to say that in the past several years, the best I did was when I was following Dr. Phil’s plan…I may need to resurrect my copy of that book and go through it again.

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