Dear 2012 Self

Dear 2012 Self,

I know that the-year-that-shall-not-be-named was hard, and you felt completely beaten down at times. I promise that 2012 is better. Promise.

For starters? You finished couch to 5k in March! That’s right, you were able to run…okay, jog…5k in March. Go you!

That’s when the biking training kicked in – you and Andrew trained for a Spring half-century. Not an organized ride, but another one with just the two of you. And you did it over Memorial Day. Bonus? You did it a little bit faster than the one in 2012.

Summer you kept up with the biking, but just for fun – not training for anything. You also kept running a bit, too, so that when fall came around you were ready to start training for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. In fact, I’m just about ready to run that sucker! (Okay, I’m not quite to the point of running the whole thing, but that’s okay – I’m going to have fun!)

And, you kept seeing Gary throughout the year – those personal training sessions have made us much stronger.

Those healthy habits are starting to stick, too. Clearly we’re getting the exercise down. The eating? Well, that’s coming, too. Not quite as easy as the exercise, but it’s coming. We’ve celebrated lots of non-scale victories this year, from loads of fruit and veggies in our diet to turning off the TV a couple nights a week. There may even be a couple pairs of new (smaller) jeans in the closet.

Lots of other stuff has happened this year, too. You are much happier at your job now (I won’t tell you if it’s a new one or not — some things you’ll just have to wait to find out!). And the new house? It’s fabulous! A huge yard for Aurora, great kitchen, and a garage for Daisy, the Model A. I’m hoping to get Daisy out and about this Spring – her engine is rebuilt and has a fresh coat of paint. There’s still some body work to do, but she’s in great shape. Dad would be happy to see her like this.

Yeah, there are a few set-backs this year, but, as always, you power-through them. If 2011 has taught you just one thing, its that you are a strong woman who can handle anything that comes at you.

2013 Barb

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