Spring Into Action!

Spring In2 Action Challenge

The Sisters are doing another challenge for Spring! Hoo-who! I’m in.

Overall this year I’ve been doing pretty good. With the help of Weight Watchers Online, and the support of my husband, I’ve been on a downward trajectory (in weight, not my life!). The last two weeks, however, have been challenging. I traveled to New York City for work, and was totally out-of-control with my eating. On the other hand, I walked A LOT! That week I ended up maintaining my weight.

This past week, we’ve been doing work around the house and had guests for the weekend. Again, eating is out-of-control — right now I don’t have access to my kitchen (and haven’t for a couple of days), so we’re eating out…and not picking the healthiest meals. This week I did lose a tiny bit, and I assume that’s because Saturday I carried boxes and boxes and boxes from the basement and because we walked with our guests about 5 miles in DC.

But just imagine if I had started eating right *and* all that exercise! That’s the next plan!

First up, I’ll be examining my goals for the next 6 weeks and coming up with an inspiration board (probably on Pinterest…come find me).

Weight this week: 275.2
Overall progress: -14.8

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  1. andy said,

    March 29, 2012 @ 8:05 am

    Great job! I think the spring in2 Action is going to great for a lot of us.

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