Training with a Personal Trainer

I mentioned in my last post (3 weeks ago…ugh, I’m still having trouble committing to keeping up with my reporting right now), I’ve started working out with a personal trainer with my friend Lorna. She often has crazy schemes, many of which I ignore, but when she suggested that we workout together, 2-on-1 with a trainer, I was actually excited. Plus, with the two of us working out together the price seemed really good to me. As a bonus, the trainer’s gym is private – one that he runs out of his house, so no meat-head body-builders to worry about.

I’ve had four sessions now. The first one featured a weigh-in, measurements and body-fat measurement (ick to all three!), but I soldiered on. The rest have just been the hardest workouts I’ve ever put myself through. I thought I’d pushed myself on previous workouts, but I was clearly wrong. Today? He worked my arms so much that it hurt to drive my car!

Also? I’ve started other mid-trainer workouts. Biked the last couple weeks (except the weekend we were on vacation) and pulled up my hand weights from the basement so I can start doing some weights workouts in the evenings.

I’d call this a win all around.

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