Power of One Week 4 Check in

This week: -3 lbs
Challenge: -3.8
Overall: -30.6

This’ll be short (and probably full of typos), because I’m posting from my phone in the airport.

Yay! I’m back to -30 overall! And despite the fact that I’m going to MN, land of 10,000 temptations, I indend to stay at the -30 (or more). I’ll hop on Dad’s treadmill at least every other day. Can’t guarantee that I won’t indulge in a few things, but I’ll keep up with the exercise and water-drinking to help mitigate any indulging.

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Power of One Week 3 Check-in

Power of One Challenge
This week: +1.2 lbs
Challenge: -0.8
Overall: -27.6

Gah! I struggle with the days I don’t work. That’s it. I know this. And I can’t seem to change it. This week had 5 days where I wasn’t at work, so that was 5 days of bad choices.

This week I knew I was making bad choices, and made them anyway. I remember thinking things like, “Hey, didn’t I get some yummy apples from the fruit guy at work? Why don’t you have one of those?”, and then grabbing something else…something not nearly as healthy.

So, here’s the plan for this coming week. I’m going to track calories on the days I’m not at work. That means Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m not going to say that I have to limit anything…but usually tracking my calories is enough to make me think twice about what I’m eating.

But you know what? My exercise and water/no-pop drinking have stayed on track:

Exercise: Continued the EA Sports More Workouts 6-week Challenge on Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday. (I did Monday’s workout today…so that will count next week). I also hopped on the stationary bike at home to pedal about 24 miles on Sunday. Total of 201 minutes. (Not as impressive as last week, but still respectable, I think.)

Drinking: Made my goal of giving up Diet Coke (and other pop) for 2 weeks! I could have had some on Monday, but still haven’t. I’m at the point where I want my “first” one to be special. I don’t intend to give it up all together – I just want to develop a better relationship with it – I need to look at it as a treat, rather than the main thing that I drink.

Eating: Okay, so I said earlier that I made a lot of bad choices this week…consciously. But I also made good choices, and I want to make sure to honor those choices, too. On days I work at the office, I’ve been making really good choices – fruit with breakfast, fruit and veggies with lunch, and fruit or veggies for a mid-afternoon snack. In fact, I’m writing this while having carrots and hummus w/my lunch. If I can just transfer these decisions to my house, I’ll be doing pretty well.

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Power of One Week 2 Check-in

Power of One Challenge
This week: -3.2 lbs
Challenge: -2
Overall: -28.8

That’s right – I’m down this week! Clearly I did something right this week. w00t! Some good habits are starting to take hold. I feel like they’re a bit tenuous right now, and that if I slack at all, they’ll be gone. So, the goal for this week is to just keep on what I’ve been doing, and be vigilant to not slide back.

Let’s look at what I’m doing right:
Eating: Much better this week than last. I kept up with my fruits and veggies – even picking f/v before going for other less-healthy things. I also resisted the urge for seconds at dinner the couple of times I wanted them this week. We’re keeping better things in our house, and keeping out the things that I binge on.

Drinking: Still off the pop this week – been off for 9.5 days; shooting for two weeks. There’s only been a couple times that I’ve been craving it, so this hasn’t been as much of a challenge as I thought it might be. I’ve continued downing the water, and I need to brew another pitcher of iced green tea today, but once I’ve done that, I’m confident that I’ll make my two week goal.

Exercise: I killed this week on this goal. I did my EA Sports More Workouts 6-week challenge on Thurs, Fri, Mon and Tues. Then on Saturday I did the Sisterhood Virtual 5k. And on Sunday, I was inspired by my marathon-running friends to do 26.2 miles on my stationary bike(!). Total for the week was 295 minutes.

Next week? Hopefully just doing more of the same.

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Power of One Week 1 Check-in

Power of One Challenge
This week: +1.2 lbs
Challenge: +1.2
Overall: -25.6

Okay, so that is a plus this week, but I know where it came from – New Years Eve and Day. I’m not going to focus on that part today…instead I want to celebrate the good this week.

Eating: Okay, so this wasn’t as good as it should have been, but I’m happy to say that the fruits and veggies goal that I worked on with the Tinsel Vixens in the Holiday Hoedown challenge has stuck pretty well. I’ve been getting in at least 4 servings nearly every day (yesterday and Sunday being the big exceptions).

Drinking: One of my healthier living goals was to give up Diet Coke (and other diet pop) for at least 2 weeks in January. I’m on day 2.5 as I write this. Instead I’ve been drinking crazy amounts of water (well, crazy for me – ranging from 64 to 128 ounces/day). I also made a pitcher of iced green tea yesterday, which will help on days I want something different from water. My chronic headaches are a bit worse, but that might also be from stress over my dog, who recently had knee surgery.

Exercise: I re-started the 6-week challenge on EA Sports Active More Workouts. I did that Wed, Fri, Mon, and Tues this past week. I also got out on my bike on Saturday! The weather warmed up to 55°, and I just couldn’t resist. That was an 11-mile ride. Plus I did a couple of other cardio games on my Wii Fri and Tues. Grand total? 226 minutes for the week.

Those are the positives – I also started looking into various rides that my husband and I could do this year. Not sure which ones we’ll opt for, and I’m still nervous about doing my half-century as an organized ride because I’m so slow (that, and doing it on unknown terrain). There are several with 25, 30 and 40-mile options, though, so those are a definite possibility.

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Power of One: Initial Weigh-in

Power of One Challenge

This week: +2 lbs
Overall: -26.8 lbs

This is our first weigh-in for the new challenge over at The Sisterhood. I’m so excited, because I seem to do so much better when there’s a challenge on. (So, okay, I didn’t really lose much during the last challenge, but I did develop some better habits, which is really important.)

Fine. I’m up. I thought I was doing better this week, but there were a lot of cookies. That’s all I’m saying. Mmmmm. Cookies. But, this is a new week. Christmas is over, and I need to just pass the rest of the cookies over to my husband. (Maybe just one more?)

For this initial post, the Sisters wanted us to write down our healthy living goals. I’ve actually been thinking about these for a few days now, wondering what I wanted to do in the new year, and what concrete things I should be doing to make mine a healthier lifestyle. One big thing is that I don’t want to go through another 50-mile bike training session while eating badly – if I’m biking nearly 1000 miles in a year, I should be losing more than 11.8 lbs (though I just had to look that number up, and I’m surprised I actually lost more than 10 lbs this year – I thought I was screwing up even more than that).

Without further ado, here are some of my goals:

  • Get back to my wedding weight by the end of the year (earlier would be nicer, but I want some slack so I don’t freak out and give up). That will be -23.2 lbs by the end of the year, for a total loss of 50 lbs from my peak weight.

    (I won’t get into how pissed I am about gaining 50 lbs since my wedding. Most of this was “thesis” gain – 40 lbs gained during the last 6-months of writing my PhD thesis. Yet another reason why that whole process may not have been worth it.)

  • Train for and bike another half century this year. The goal here is to do it in less time than my first half-century. I don’t care how much faster I do it – it could be 10 minutes, it could be an hour. The point is to become a stronger cyclist.
  • Throughout the year, average at least 3 workouts per week, at a minimum of 30 minutes each. I’d like 1-2 of those workouts to involve resistance training…this could be as simple as doing the EA Sports workouts, or I could pull out the Buff Bride workouts again, if I get bored of EAS.
  • Abolish pop for two weeks in January. I know I won’t give it up completely forever…I’ve tried that before, and then binged on Diet Coke for weeks afterward. The key here is that I need to regulate it better. I want to start by quitting for 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll see that I don’t need it…hopefully I’ll at least figure out a way to live with it peacefully.
  • Limit the sugar. This can be a huge one. It means cutting out the cookies and candy, but also looking at the pre-packaged foods I eat. I already refuse to by sweetened applesauce or fruits packed in syrup. Now I need to look at other places to cut it. I find that I become addicted to sugar, which starts a whole bad cycle of craving and eating.
  • Eat only when I’m hungry; have only “firsts” at dinner, then if I’m still hungry an hour later, have a healthy snack. These seem like such easy things, and they were habits for a while…the last time I lost 30 lbs, and it was easy to lose those 30 lbs…I felt like I wasn’t working at it at all. It just takes a lot of conscious effort at first.

Okay, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. They sound so reasonable, and yet it’s a little daunting when I look at them all at once. But one thing at a time.

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