Spring Fling Weigh-In, Final Week! – 04/21/10

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

Groovy Girls Gettin' Going' button

This week: -3 lbs
Spring Fling Challenge: -18 lbs
Overall: -33 lbs

I haven’t been good about blogging the last couple weeks, but I have been checking in over at The ‘Hood with my G4 girls. I’ve been struggling a bit since Easter, but managing to maintain the previous two weeks. Finally this week I’m down!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still struggling, but my husband and I are making sure to get in our biking for the half-century training (if you’re on Dailymile, friend me!). I think that regular exercise, where I’m actually tracking my heart rate and pushing myself, is really helping, even when my food intake isn’t where I’d like it to be.

No matter the final outcome of the leaderboard, I’m really proud of my team. We all had struggles throughout this challenge – from emotional/personal struggles completely unrelated to weight-loss, to exercise struggles, to health struggles. And no matter what, we all came through – maybe not losing weight each week, but coming back and trying again, which, frankly, is more important than what the scale says every week.

Congrats to all of my G4 girls! And congrats to all of the other Spring Fling teams – looking at the leaderboard, everyone in the challenge is kicking some ass!

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Spring Fling Weigh-In, Week 6 – 04/07/10

I'm Down w/the Sisterhood

This week: -2 lbs
Spring Fling Challenge: -15 lbs
Overall: -30 lbs

Holy moly! Do you see that badge?? Do you? It’s the 30-lb badge! Last August I was sooooooo close to that badge, but couldn’t quite get there, so I’m totally proud of myself for making it this time.

I’m a little mad at myself this week, though, because I didn’t make great choices, especially Sunday through yesterday. I think the thing that saved me is my biking. I’m now biking Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (see previous post for the upcoming schedule!). Discovered that on the real bike my heart rate is much, much higher than when I train on the stationary – even though on the stationary I think I’m pushing myself (and feel like I’m going to die if I push any harder). Of course, this made me push harder on the stationary bike Monday, so hopefully I can keep pushing myself.

Goals for this week? Get back in gear with tracking my calories…that kinda dropped off when I started making back choices on Sunday. Then just keep biking, sticking to the training schedule I posted as closely as I can.

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Spring Fling Weigh-In, Week 4 – 03/24/10

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This week: -0 lbs
Spring Fling Challenge: -10 lbs
Overall: -25 lbs

Well, I maintained. I suppose that’s better than the alternative. I’m actually happy to have maintained, given I was traveling from last Wednesday through Sunday. But, I’m unhappy at how derailed I get after returning home from traveling…

This should come as no surprise, but I’ve found that travel always messes up whatever groove I was in beforehand. I was doing fairly well exercising, recording what I ate, making better choices, and staying within my recommended calorie range each day. On travel, all of that fell apart…except maybe the exercise, but it was mainly walking around, and was done out of necessity, not because I was making a concerted effort to “go and exercise”.

I think part of the problem is that travel just makes me tired. I’m not in my regular routine, I’m not sleeping particularly well, and things are just unfamiliar. Plus, this was a trip to a conference, where I was expected to interact with a lot of people. Don’t get me wrong…I like people, in general. But I’m very much an introvert, and I find it exhausting to interact with people, especially people I don’t know. So, when I got home on Sunday, I slept – napped 2.5 hours in the afternoon, then a full 10 hours Sunday night, and was still tired – so tired I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.

I’m feeling back to normal now (at least mostly), so I’m now working to get myself back in the groove. I MUST get on the stationary bike tonight. And, I’ll be on the real bike this weekend if the weather cooperates.

My goals for the week are simple – get back to tracking calories, make better choices, and get back to biking.

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Spring Fling Weigh-In, Week 3 – 03/17/10

Groovy Girls Gettin' Going' button

This week: -3 lbs (-4 lbs since last blog post)
Spring Fling Challenge: -10 lbs (!!)
Overall: -25 lbs

w00t! I earned back the 25 lb badge!! Yay me!

This has been a pretty good week…I’ve gotten on the stationary bike several times this week, though I have given up shredding. As it turns out, the 30-day shred just makes me hate exercise. So, a new goal is to come up with a weight-training plan/routine that I can do that will help both with my weight-loss goals and with my biking goals.

Eating-wise I’m doing okay. I’m still keeping track of my eating and calories with FatSecret (and their app on my Droid). I only went over my calories one day this week; otherwise, I’ve been staying well below my calories for the day. I think the next thing to work on is getting healthier things in my diet. I’ve been doing some of that already – I’ve been having far more salads that previously. However, I always struggle getting fruit into my life. Since spring and summer are coming, this will get easier – I love berries. Fall and winter fruits are just not my thing, so I’ll have to work on that.

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Spring Fling Weigh-In, Week 1 – 03/03/10

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

This week: -6 lbs (!!!)
Overall (since Jan 2009): -21 lbs

Holy crap! This just goes to show that my body is not happy with my behavior of late — it WANTED to get rid of some extra weight. Didn’t think I’d manage 6 pounds, though. Yay me!

So, I set up an app on my Droid where I can count calories and keep track of all my food intake. It’s called Calorie Counter (yes, very clever name), and it’s connected with a website called FatSecret. I have to say I’m digging it so far – it’s come up with a recommended daily calorie intake based on my current weight and my weight-loss goals. I can search for foods by name or brand or restaurant, but I can also scan a barcode to see if it’s in the database already. I know that it’s going to get old after a while, but so far I’m enjoying it…plus it gives me an excuse to play with my phone a little more. I was really good this week, and kept track of everything…even those donuts I mentioned yesterday.

I also started shredding with the Sisterhood on Monday, so I’m starting to get in regular exercise. I took before pictures, but they will NOT be seen by anyone but me (and my husband, since he took the pictures)…at least not until I have an after to compare them to.

Plans for this week include continuing to record my food, and keep my calorie intake within the RDI calculated by FatSecret. I’m not yet ready to declare that I must eat better foods, though have already noticed that the requirement to record everything seems to help at least some of the time. I’ll continue shredding with the Sisters. I am on travel Thursday through Sunday, so this week will be a bit more of a challenge than last, so if I can at least maintain my weight, I’ll be happy (though, am hoping to continue losing!!)

How’d you do this week?

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Spring-Fling Kick-Off

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

Okay, I’ve taken my starting weight for the Spring Fling Challenge. I’m not proud of where I am — have slipped from my last Sisterhood weigh-in last summer, going from nearly 30-lbs lost to only 15 lbs overall. Sigh.

But, that’s why I’m back. I’m here to get back into it, lose those “slide-back” pounds and then keep going. And, I’ve got an awesome team to do it with – Team G, G4, or the Gorgeous Girls Gettin’ Goin’!

So this challenge is 8-weeks long, and will include the 30-day shred. Part of me is excited about signing on to the 30-day shred again, and part of me is thinking, crap, no, stop. The one problem I found with the shred last time around was that it was just too relentless — afterwards I honestly resented exercise for a while. Fortunately it was spring last year, and I had biking to fall back to, so I didn’t quit exercising, just shredding. The other thing I’m worried about is that I’m traveling a couple times in March for work, so it will be hard to get the shredding in then, unless I just bring the DVD and do it without the weights…or do it with light weights, such as bottled water.

Anyway, I’m starting out a little slowly with my goals. I seem to work best with a couple of realistic and do-able goals that will set me up for success. So, this week my main goal is to record everything I eat in a food diary. I’m not going to make statements about what or when or how I eat, just make sure that EVERYTHING is in the diary. Of course, this will probably have the benefit that I won’t eat something if I don’t want to put it in the diary, but also I won’t technically be denying myself…

That’s actually it for goals. I’d like to get on the exercise bike a couple times, and maybe do an EA Sports workout or two, but those will be bonuses.

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