Shrink Yo’Self Week 3 Check-in

Shrink Yo' Self in 2012

Still mostly on track, I think. I lost another 2.4 lbs this week for a total of -6 since the New Year. Definitely going in the right direction!

So, what’s going right? I’m exercising – at last week I got out for a “run” on Friday and Monday. I’m working my way through the Couch to 5k program, and just finished week 5 – the final run for week 5 is a single 20-minute jog interval. And I (mostly) did it! (There’s a hill on my route, and I had to walk the steepest part of it, but picked right back up at the top, so I’m counting it.) I also continue to go to a personal trainer twice a week for a 1-hour weights workout. So, total workout time: 3 hours.

I’m also eating fruit. It’s crazy, I know. I often buy fruit, but almost as often, it goes bad in my house. This week, I’m actually eating them! And, as it turns out, I don’t hate eating apples as much as I thought I did. I even finished all of the bananas I bought before they got too bruised! (That’s rare.)

What’s not going right? Weekends are still a struggle. I think I’m doing better. I’m not eating as well as I could, but doing better.

Weight this week: 284 lbs

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2012 – New Year, New Attitude

Shrink Yo' Self in 2012

It’s 2012! The-year-that-shall-not-be-named is over!!! I have decided that 2012 is the year of renewal. Part of that is jumping in with The Sisterhood on the first challenge of 2012, Shrink Yo’Self in 2012.

I’m a bit behind on the assignments so far, but I’m gonna catch up! First up? Goals for 2012.

As I said, my word for 2012 is renewal. This is for all aspects of my life. I’m looking for a new house this year, a new job, and a new attitude. I want to look at my non-scale victories rather than the scale itself — I will trust that the scale will follow.

So goals?

  • Exercise:
    • Continue seeing the personal trainer. I’m hoping to continue with twice a week, but it is a bit expensive, so as the year goes on (and we start looking at buying a new house), I may have to drop to once a week. Quitting altogether is not an option.
    • Finish the Couch to 5k training. I’m looking into 5ks to run in the spring with a friend — so April or May, here I come!
    • Train for another half-century bike ride. I’m hoping this will happen relatively early. Our schedule with the house might interfere with our being able to get in all the training rides we need, but I’m hoping to do one over Memorial Day weekend.
    • Participate in the Backroads Century again. This will be the 30-mile option again, but if we can get stronger at this ride, and do it a little bit faster than 2010, I’ll count it as a victory.
    • Train for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. My original plan was to walk it. Now I’m not so sure. I doubt I’ll be running the whole thing, but there will be *some* running for sure!
  • Eating
    • Drink more water, drink less pop. I’m not going to cut out pop. I like it. But I can minimize it, and make it so I don’t feel dependent on it. So, working up to 100 or more ounces of water per day.
    • Eat fruit! This has always been a struggle, but if I keep fruit in the house, and keep some on the counter in plain view, I tend to eat it. So that’s it – 3/day.
    • Balance. I want to find the balance in my diet. This *might* entail joining Weight Watchers again, just so I have some accountability. Not sure yet. I know I won’t completely cut out junk, but I really need to put it in its place – it is a treat, not a staple.

I don’t know why, but I feel like I need a fresh start, a clean slate. So, even though I’m still down 10 lbs from my highest weight, for 2012 I’m resetting the scale.

Starting weight: 290lbs (from January 1, 2012)

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Shrinkvivor Check-in Week 3


This week: +0.8
Overall: -16
Challenge: -3

Ugh. I’m up. Not much, but not the direction I was hoping to go.

I know the problem…it’s *always* been my problem, and it’s name is “weekend”. During the week I’m at work where I have a lot of control over what I eat — I bring my breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Sure, there’s a vending machine, but as long as I’ve packed breakfast, lunch, and snacks, I rarely visit it.

Weekends, though, are a whole other story (and I have to include Fridays in there, because I work from home). I can eat anything in the house! Whenever I want, whatever I want, all day long! Yeah. Therein lies the problem. It’s not like we keep a lot of crap in the house, but if I have the choice between an apple and tortilla chips and hummus, I’m going to choose the chips. Every. time.

So, goal for this week is to make better choices over the weekend. The 3 fruits/3 veggies/3 dairy is going fairly well during the week (not hitting every day perfectly, but getting more than I used to and certainly more conscious of what I’m eating). Perhaps the more concrete goal will be to go for a fruit over the weekend at least once, instead of something else.

Oh, and I managed to exercise a few times this week – not huge amounts, but a little more than last week, with a total count of 140 minutes. Goal this week will be to up that by at least a little more.

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Shrinkvivor Check-in Week 2


This week: -3.8
Overall: -16.8
Challenge: -3.8

Finally heading in the right direction thanks to my tribe-mates in Tribe Teal Tackling Tons!

How did I do on last week’s goals? The main one was to get in 3 fruits, 3 veggies, and 3 dairy servings each day. I did really well the end of last week on this – I think I only missed a fruit or veggie one day. The weekend, though, as always, was a challenge. Okay…the weekend was an epic fail as far as nutritional eating. I’m getting back on track this week.

I managed to get in some exercise – my weekly workout with the personal trainer, walking on Saturday, and playing on the Wii Fit yesterday. I’d have liked to do more, so that will be a goal for this week.

Oh, the Sisters also had a mini-challenge to avoid fast food. This one is not really an issue for me – I’m vegetarian, so my choices at many of the fast food joints are not exactly abundant. This upcoming week’s challenge is to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night – that’ll be more challenging.

That’s it…my plan is to just keep going.

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Shrinkvivor, Baby


Okay, so I disappeared again. I wasn’t ready last time, or I gave up too easy, or something. But I’m back an in Tribe Teal for Shrinkvivor over at The Sisterhood. I’m still having a hard time now and again (Which is hard to deal with, because I keep thinking I should be doing better by now…I can’t judge my emotions, though, just need to deal with them and keep moving forward.) But I think I’m ready to commit to doing better for myself.

I *have* been exercising since the last challenge. Not always as much as I’d like, but more than nothing. In fact, I’ve been going to the personal trainer every week since I started in June. Most weeks I do other work-outs, too — I’ve biked more weekends than not this summer, I’ve tried to get out for walks, and I’ve even pulled out the EA Sports Active and Wii Fit Plus a couple of times. I’d like to get more regular about my exercising, though.

Goals for this challenge:

  • Exercise: continue with the personal trainer; do at least 2 other workouts each week.
  • Eating: Brooke and I are in the same tribe, and have decided that we are *not* going to obsessively track our food – for me that usually turns into a binge-laden rebellion. Instead, we are work on getting in 3 fruits, 3 veggies, and 3 dairy servings each day.

That’s it – simple, right? Ha.

Starting stats? Ugh, I’m now at an overall weight loss of just -13 lbs. (Please don’t compare that to my previous weigh-ins…so not happy about that.)

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Burst into Summer – A Day Late

Burst Into Summer Challenge

I didn’t want to check in this week. I didn’t eat well. I didn’t exercise. I did nothing in aid of my journey here.

That’s not entirely fair. No I didn’t exercise, except for a couple of walks to the dog park with Aurora. But, while I didn’t eat better than, say, last week, I did eat better than my “old self”. I’ve been enjoying the fruits and veggies of summer – raspberries, black raspberries, cherries.

However, I made a huge step yesterday. I let my friend Lorna talk me into going to a personal trainer with her. No, you didn’t read that wrong. *I* went to a personal trainer. I hate having other people see me work out. I hate letting other people know my weight and measurements. Did I mention that I hate letting others watch me work out? Yeah. but I went. I weighed-in. I got measured. I worked out. I sweated. And I’m going back. Once a week. For at least five sessions. ‘Cuz I pre-paid.

He’s having me keep a food diary. That I will *send* him. Ick. On the other hand, just keeping the diary seems to change my choices. Right now I’ve been contemplating a snack, but I don’t want to write it in my diary, so I’ve been avoiding the kitchen. Of course, part of that might also be that my legs, arms and shoulders are sore from yesterday’s workout. His other goal for me this week? Get on the bike once, if even for just 15 minutes. I can do that.

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Burst into Summer – June 22

Burst Into Summer Challenge

I big puffy heart all of my sisters over in the Sisterhood. I missed about half of everyone’s comments last week, ‘cuz they went into moderation and WP didn’t send me an e-mail. Now I’m bawling my eyes out (in a good way) from all the support. Thanks everyone! I’m not at 100%, but I’m trying to get back in the groove.

Civil War Camp in Vienna

I’m chalking this week up to a success. I ate more fruits and veggies most days than I have in a couple months – and on several occasions, I actually craved a fruit instead of junk. Saturday my husband and I hopped on our bikes and took a short ride up to town for Civil War re-enactments, including costume, crafting, artillery, and telegraph demos. It was only 7 miles total, but that was just about right for me at this point – I’ll build up miles and time over the summer. Oh, and believe it or not, I also did the Shrinking Jeans Bootcamp W1D1 workout last night. Plus, afterwards, I pulled out my hula-hoop for 10 minutes. Yeah, that’s right. I worked out after the bootcamp. Yay me.

Weight-wise? Not as great, but I’m not worried about that right now. This week I’m just going to keep going – SJ bootcamp, biking over the weekend, and getting in some fresh fruits and veggies.

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Burst into Summer – Kicking it off!

Burst Into Summer Challenge

If you look through the blog, you’ll note that I haven’t been on since January. I wish I could say it was just from sheer laziness, but the truth is that Real Life (TM) derailed my efforts here.

I actually did alright January and February – not actually losing any weight, but I did get in some exercise and didn’t gain weight.

March? March was bad. Many of you already know why. Those who don’t, can read this post on my other blog to get up-to-speed. In short, March was bad, and I ate and ate and ate and did not exercise more than once or twice. And I gained 10 lbs. Honestly, though, I can’t say that I’m mad at myself. Usually I’d be pissed about such a gain, but this year? This year I’m just glad that I seem to be plugging along. The last couple months I’ve felt like I’ve just been treading water, trying not to drown emotionally.

So, yes, I’m starting the Burst Into Summer challenge from The Sisterhood to get myself on the track to a better place health-wise. I’m not on a team this time around – I never would have signed up if that were the case, because I’m just not sure of where I am right now, or what I can commit to. But I signed up, so that’s a step forward.

Goals? Here are a few:

  • Biking. Last year at this time my husband and I were deep in training for a 50-mile bike ride. This year? I’ve been on my bike maybe 3 times. We were supposed to be trying for two 50-milers this year. My goals have changed. At this point, I just want to get on the bike every weekend – the real bike if it’s not raining (and not so hot it’s dangerous), the stationary bike otherwise. (I’d like to work in some mid-week biking on the stationary, too, but going to start slow this week…)
  • Other exercise: I will also try out the Sisterhood’s bootcamp workout for this challenge – yikes!
  • Food: I’ve already started taking joy from the fresh fruits and veggies of summer, so my other goal is to continue that and continue to phase out most of the junk.

Nothing crazy with the goals – this is just about taking it slow this year, and getting back in the vicinity of the right track.

This week’s starting stats?
Overall: -21.8 lbs
This week: ?? Haven’t weighed in officially in weeks…so we’ll just ignore this for now.

That’s it. Here’s to a great week for everyone!

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Power of One Week 4 Check in

This week: -3 lbs
Challenge: -3.8
Overall: -30.6

This’ll be short (and probably full of typos), because I’m posting from my phone in the airport.

Yay! I’m back to -30 overall! And despite the fact that I’m going to MN, land of 10,000 temptations, I indend to stay at the -30 (or more). I’ll hop on Dad’s treadmill at least every other day. Can’t guarantee that I won’t indulge in a few things, but I’ll keep up with the exercise and water-drinking to help mitigate any indulging.

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Power of One Week 3 Check-in

Power of One Challenge
This week: +1.2 lbs
Challenge: -0.8
Overall: -27.6

Gah! I struggle with the days I don’t work. That’s it. I know this. And I can’t seem to change it. This week had 5 days where I wasn’t at work, so that was 5 days of bad choices.

This week I knew I was making bad choices, and made them anyway. I remember thinking things like, “Hey, didn’t I get some yummy apples from the fruit guy at work? Why don’t you have one of those?”, and then grabbing something else…something not nearly as healthy.

So, here’s the plan for this coming week. I’m going to track calories on the days I’m not at work. That means Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m not going to say that I have to limit anything…but usually tracking my calories is enough to make me think twice about what I’m eating.

But you know what? My exercise and water/no-pop drinking have stayed on track:

Exercise: Continued the EA Sports More Workouts 6-week Challenge on Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday. (I did Monday’s workout today…so that will count next week). I also hopped on the stationary bike at home to pedal about 24 miles on Sunday. Total of 201 minutes. (Not as impressive as last week, but still respectable, I think.)

Drinking: Made my goal of giving up Diet Coke (and other pop) for 2 weeks! I could have had some on Monday, but still haven’t. I’m at the point where I want my “first” one to be special. I don’t intend to give it up all together – I just want to develop a better relationship with it – I need to look at it as a treat, rather than the main thing that I drink.

Eating: Okay, so I said earlier that I made a lot of bad choices this week…consciously. But I also made good choices, and I want to make sure to honor those choices, too. On days I work at the office, I’ve been making really good choices – fruit with breakfast, fruit and veggies with lunch, and fruit or veggies for a mid-afternoon snack. In fact, I’m writing this while having carrots and hummus w/my lunch. If I can just transfer these decisions to my house, I’ll be doing pretty well.

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